Pulling for SickKids

All my kilometers this June will not just be exercise that makes me thrive – each one will help me help sick kids. I have joined the Great Cycle Challenge from the SickKids Foundation

More than 10,000 Canadians will be working together by raising funds, conquering kilometres and putting all that towards research and support for childhood cancer. Last year cyclists raised $1.8 million across the country. I am hoping to raise $500 during the challenge.

Missing sister
Janina and Matt
Janina with floating head Matt.

I am a tiny footnote on this part of the story – Our family has been deeply, heart-breakingly affected by childhood cancer. Matt lost his sister Janina to leukaemia when she was five years old. Despite his young age at the time, he has important and profound memories of her but not much else.

I can’t imagine the grief his parents have endured. I can’t understand the loss Matt and his siblings felt missing out on a sister. It isn’t really my story to tell. However, I want to emphasize how many families are touched by cancer – particularly the complete injustice of childhood cancer. Sadly 1,400 families in Canada join the ranks of those fighting childhood cancers each year.

A really big pull

In cycling we routinely ride in long single-file groups called pacelines. They are designed to allow others to rest in the draft of the front rider. Typically cyclists rotate through the line with each one taking a turn at the front. Colloquially the rider at the front is said to be pulling.

Let’s move some of the burden off families fighting this battle now.

This is my turn to pull. 

How to help
  1. I would be very grateful if you donate to my Great Cycle Challenge of riding 500 km in the month of June. If I hit my fundraising target before the month starts – I will up my goal and plan to ride 600 km. You can donate through my page (and get an instant tax receipt)  here.  Great Cycling Challenge
  2. Sign up and join the Great Cycle Challenge yourself.
  3. Donate blood. Cancer patients often need whole or partial blood products as part of their treatments. If you donate blood you will be directly providing lifesaving support to patients of all kinds – including children. 
  4. Donate to Ronald McDonald House – this is an essential charity providing rooms to the 70 per cent of families that do not live near the children’s hospital where their child is getting treatment. 

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  1. Thank you so much for doing this, Robin!

    1. rthorneycroft says:

      Just one small gesture to help families.

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